Tov LeHodos


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What a super special combo! This conveneint, single booklet contains virtually every prayer, segullah and techinah out there. What’s even more, they’re all neatly divided with cutout tabs for easy access to each prayer. Collection includes

Perek Shira

Shir Hashirim

Nishmat Kol Chai

Igeret Huramban

Tefillat Hashlah

Tefillot Avot Al Bonim

Parshat Ha’Man

Kriat Shma – Ashkenaz and Sefard

Birchat Hamazon – Ashkenaz and Sefard

Tefillat Haderech

Segullah to Find a Lost Object

Prayer Before Hafroshat Challah

Hadloket Neirot

Prayer for Luck